Homara is a 100% Quality Portuguese brand that anticipates and satisfy people’s desires and needs. Our portfolio will bring to the world a timeless and traversal design. Our ability to create bold designs as a result from inspiring and relevant ideas will help build a strong iconographic style. Our focus is to nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, together we create mutual, enduring value and maintain absolute rigor in the process and control of production at the same time be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization. An innovative and ambitious challenge, that represents and requires criteria and market space in harmony with a solid positioning and future prospects.


Live it, differently!
To inspire all those who refuse to live their lives without a personal style or a distinctive personality. Having a Homara piece at home, is a reference of what we are, a commitment to what makes us really comfortable. Being able to enjoy a space where design is an extension of ourselves and of what we really like, means having, without a doubt, a very interesting life for ourselves or all those we invite to our intimacy.

A unique design, creative, balanced, timeless, bold and with room for experimentation.

A strong investment in the conceptual essence of each item and its singleness in the whole collection. Each single piece is unique having its own identity.

By having a quality control system, we ensure the long lifetime of all products, both in terms of materials and finishes.

We are a 100% Portuguese brand that guarantees the global market authenticity and timeless design from the very first moment.